Ранее были новости о закрытии офиса компании MINELAB в Европе, однако на днях компания на своей официальной странице в Фэйсбуке опубликовала пресс релиз, согласно которого, MINELAB продолжает свою работу и будет поддерживать активное присутствие в Европе и России из офиса, расположенного в Ирландии, европейский и российские рынки являются важными для компании.

MINELAB не уходит...

MINELAB не уходит…

Для желающих ознакомится с полным пресс релизом, публикую его полностью (на английском языке)

«Minelab continues, and will continue, to maintain an active presence in Europe and Russia from our sales office located in Cork, Ireland. The European & Russian markets are important to us and we do intend to grow this market into the future. Our offices in Europe are located in Cork, Ireland and are staffed with Business Development and Sales Resources that continue to lead our sales & service efforts across Europe. Minelab’s European phone number remains: +353 (0)21 423 2352. ,
As before, Minelab will continue to support our selling channel, provide services through our Authorized Service Centers and actively promote & support our Customers through events, rallies and other activities.
We will continue to maintain, even enhance, local product service & repair across Europe and Russia. Minelab has five authorized service centers (ASCs) in Europe (UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey & Greece) and three in Russia (all in Moscow) that are ready to service our mutual Customers’ equipment. Contact information for each European ASC can be found by clicking here http://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/news… on the Minelab website.
We appreciate all the support we receieve from so many friends of Minelab. Thank you for your business, Happy Minelabbing and please continue to tell us about your amazing finds!

Gary Schafer
General Manager
Minelab Global Established & LATAM Markets»